Nan Hockin is an Korean-American artist who had been drawing all her life. She got her degree in Fine Arts. After college she got a marketing related job but continued to draw her own artwork. It wasn't till late 2005 she started to put her art out to the world to see.

A lot of her influences come from childhood toys and images/objects that she has collected over the years. She gets her ideas from everyday stuff around her. These days her creative inspirations comes from her family.

Nan resides in the Northern California Bay Area where she draws cute things. She is also a full time mom so a lot of her energy and time is spent with her children.

Besides desperately needing sleep, she also likes to craft, crochet, cook and bake. She enjoys reading dessert cookbooks before she goes to bed so that she can dream about desserts in her sleep.

If you like to contact Nan - email: nan [at] nanhockin [.] com

She would love to hear from you! Even if it's just a simple hello!